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How to Ganache (Sat,8am-9am) DEMO - SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo

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Ganache offers us many benefits when making cakes, hence why it has become such a necessary medium to know these days. Though if done incorrectly ganache can be greasy, hard as a rock, or even make our cakes collapse due to the ganache being too unstable. Thus, in this demo students will learn the fundamentals of ganache while learning how to cover cakes with shark edges using ganache successfully. The instructor will start by explaining the different types of chocolate you can use to make ganache such as melting wafers, chocolate chips, and high end chocolate while discussing all of their pros and cons. Students will be given recipes and ratios to successfully make ganache at home. Next, students will learn the different consistencies of ganache by watching the instructor cover real cake in ganache with sharp edges. Lastly, the instructor will discuss the most common problems with ganache and how to solve them.

 Key Topics

·         Types of Chocolate to make Ganache

·         Ganache Recipe and Ratios

·         Ganache Consistencies

·         Covering Cakes in Ganache with sharp edges 

·         Troubleshooting Ganache


Class FAQs

  • All class tickets are non-refundable once purchased.
  • All classrooms are on the second floor of MACC.
  • You will need a general admission ticket in order to register for classes, including classes hosted on Friday.
  • The vendor hall will not be open on Friday, and is only open Saturday & Sunday.
  • Classes will begin promptly at the time scheduled.
  • Saturday and Sunday there will be a two two-hour break from 1:00-3:00 to allow time for lunch, shopping, raffle drawings and contest results.
  • All class materials and tools are included for classroom use only, unless otherwise noted. Students will NOT keep any tools used in class. Each student will be provided with a box to take home your completed class project.
  • No children or guests allowed in classrooms. Only registered students will be permitted inside the class area.

Class Terms

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all purchases are non-refundable and final. There are no options for cancellations or transfers, and no exceptions can be made. SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo cannot assume responsibility if you inadvertently schedule overlapping classes. We kindly ask you to thoroughly review your schedule prior to completing your purchase to ensure there are no double bookings. Your attention to this detail is greatly appreciated.

In the event that the minimum student enrollment requirement is not reached by the specified deadline, the class will be cancelled. Affected students will promptly receive notification and will be provided with a  complete refund for the class/demo.


Bilingual disclaimer: The class will primarily be conducted in English, with occasional instruction in Spanish. La clase se llevará a cabo principalmente en inglés, con instrucción ocasional en español.